Made-to-Measure Service: How It Works

A Perfect Fit is Assured

Your size, your posture, your figuration, the shape of your body all change the way a suit fits. Short, tall, big or small, we can make adjustments for all the details that make you who you are.

As part of The Alexander Rose service, we come to your home or place of work at a convenient time and measure you for a perfect and exact fit. Short, tall, big or small, we make adjustments for all the little details that make you who you are.

Superb fit and style

The advanced technology enables us to have a different type of measuring and fitting system. This produces garments that fit and are styled to the highest international standards.

Our visiting Master Tailor, Harold Rose.

As part of The Alexander Rose service, we come to your home or place of work and measure you for an exact fit.
You can now be confident of not only looking good but feeling great with clothes that fit you and your personality. It doesn’t matter how tall, short, thin or fat you are, the technically advanced measuring system means that you can have perfectly fitting garments made to fit you.
A custom-suit literally sets you apart from the generic one-size-fits-all culture and is an outward sign of your inner appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, as well as your individuality.

Coming to you: At a Time to Suit

Being a visiting service is one of our distinguishing characteristics. We recognise many of our clients are very busy people. We primarily operate within London and the North of England offering made-to-measure, bespoke tailoring.

We also offer a limited service to other UK areas and a special measuring service in the Savile Row offices of our fabric partner, Holland & Sherry at 9-10 Savile Row, London by appointment only.

Our visiting tailor provides a flexible service and can visit you at your home or office, during the day, evenings or at weekends – as always, the choice is yours. Please fill in the form and our visiting tailor will be in touch very soon.

Choose your style

Single or double-breasted? Which pockets do you prefer? How many buttons would you like and what colour? This is where we style the made-to-measure suit to be uniquely yours. If having it made from the fabrics of your choice, measured to an exact fit and created to your own specifications isn’t enough, we even monogram your name into the lining!

Choose your fabric

We have a wealth of high-quality suit fabrics for you to choose from. We happily take the time to guide you through the options to help you create your perfect made-to-measure suit.

Express your individuality; perhaps a classic pinstripe suit fabric with a shocking pink lining or maybe even a relaxed linen look. We will always source any special requests for unusual fabrics or colours.

We cut your pattern Using the latest computerised cutting equipment, your suit jacket or trouser is cut out with 100% accuracy. This is a vast improvement on traditional hand cutting methods. We believe in giving our customers the benefits of modern technology both in the cutting and manufacture of the garments without any compromise in quality.

Your suit is tailored Your suit will be made-to-measure by one of Europe’s top tailoring houses using a most advanced unique measuring and fitting system. This combined with superb tailoring will give you garments that will not only make you feel good but you will go on looking good time after time.

Second fitting

Creating the perfect suit is at the core of what we do. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, your new made-to-measure suit will be brought to you for a final fitting. In the rare case that some final adjustments need to be done, Alexander Rose will take details of these adjustments and arrange for them to be done.

Your unique suit

We believe in fitting the mind before fitting the body. Made-to-measure tailoring is not just about having garments made to fit. It is much more than that, with our service you are in control — we only advise, suggest, listen and implement every little detail that will make your new suit, jacket, trousers or shirt uniquely yours.

You can be like a garment designer and specify every last detail including the lapels, pockets, buttons, vents, stitching etc plus of course the cloth and linings as well. But don’t worry if this sounds daunting! We are ready to listen, offer advice and suggestions plus we will spend time with you explaining the options available.

Padding the lapels is the traditional way to ensure the lapel will roll and keep its shape. Our padding is done with a special machine that pads and rolls the lapel with 100% accuracy.

Choice of pockets: Specify every pocket on any garment including inside security fastenings to keep your wallet /phone safe.

The floating chest canvas gives shape to the chest area of the jacket. To keep it in perfect shape for many years we use a high-quality Kufner canvas covered with special felt.

For the ultimate in personal tailoring, we can even monogram your name into the lining of your choice. Working cuffs that open show the difference in quality that you get with a made-to-measure suit.

Attention to Detail

We know that its the details that make all the difference. That’s why we offer many options that allow you to achieve a personalised suit unlike any other, made to your exact specifications.


We want our garments to be affordable, and therefore we keep our operating costs as low as possible. We, therefore, create better value for money for our customers, in turn we receive repeat business and referrals from highly delighted customers.

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