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I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection of British cloths. Each cloth has been specially hand-picked to reflect the very best of the British textile industry.

Apart from the hand-woven Harris Tweed all the other cloths are woven in my home county of Yorkshire England.

When I feel a cloth, I also feel the heritage of the cloth, I can picture the mills built out of Yorkshire stone, the tall mill chimney, smell of the wool, the clatter of the looms weaving the cloth. The weavers who skill has been passed down through many generations.

This is why I feel so privileged to have grown up in the very heart of the British textile and clothing industry.

Please browse through the collections to learn of their history. You can then select any cloth samples, there is no charge, and it will be my pleasure to send them to you. 


Summer days sat in a deck chair wearing a Panama hat watching cricket on the village green. This hand-picked collection is exclusively woven in Yorkshire England by Heritage Weavers of Huddersfield.


When I first saw this cloth, I was most impressed with not only its unusual “mesh” weave but also its wrinkle free appearance. A blazer made in this fabric is a useful addition to any wardrobe.


I called this range of cloths The Yorkshire Collection because the cloth is woven in a mill in a small village next to the Yorkshire dales with unspoilt countryside, which draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the area.


Whenever I feel this cloth, it always reminds me of my visits to the remote and beautiful Isles of Harris & Lewis off the coast of Scotland. Traditional warm rustic colours evoke the Britishness of the countryside.


Some cloths stand the test of time, and my Heritage collection has fabrics which were designed over 100 years ago. In a fast-changing world, it is refreshing to have timeless designs by Abraham Moon.


A range of unique cloths where the wool is sourced locally, the scouring, weaving and finishing is all done without any artificial dyes. Everything from the sheep to the finished cloth is all within 10 miles of Huddersfield.


In the Yorkshire dales there are many small market towns each with their own rugged character. The colour palette is inspired by the shades of the Moorland landscape; the hills, lichen and ferns of Yorkshire.


The cloth for a traditional English blazer has always been a barathea weave, and this blazer collection is kept authentically British. The blazer was always associated with horse racing.

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